Family Medicine Residents


1st Year Residents - Class of 2019

Paul Hixon, M.D.
University of South Alabama

Zachary Logan, M.D.
Wayne State University

Michelle Meredith, M.D.
Drexel University

Justin Thomas, M.D.
American University of the Caribbean

Quy Tran, M.D.
University of Oklahoma

Andrew Warner, M.D.
University of Cinicinnati


2nd Year Residents - Class of 2018

Ashlen Aggens
Ashlen Aggen, M.D.
University of South Alabama

Sami Assad
Sami Assad, M.D.
St. George's University

Monique Graham
Monique Graham, M.D.
Ameircan University of the Carribean

Brandi Robinson
Brandi Robinson, M.D.
East Tennessee State University


Rebecca Sollie
Rebecca Sollie, M.D.
University of Alabama


3rd Year Residents - Class of 2017

Curtis Gill
Curtis Gill, D.O.
Lincoln Memorial University
Carrie McCann
Carrie Gray, D.O.
Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine
Umang Patel
Umang Patel, M.D.
Ross University
Brett Prylinski
Brett Prylinski, D.O.
Lake Erie College
Nick Prylinski
Nick Prylinski, M.D.
University of South Alabama
Davida Yarbrough
Davida Yarbrough, M.D.
Universityof South Alabama