University of South Alabama
Family Medicine Center

Academic Quest in the Continuing Generalist Tradition

The Family Medicine Center is located in the Strada Patient Care Center off of beautiful Springhill Avenue, approximately 7 minutes away from USA Medical Center, and one minute away from USA Children & Women's Hospital. Our clinic facility is equipped with lab and x-ray. It also contains a procedure room where residents are able to perform a variety of procedures, including removal of dermatological lesions and ingrown toenails, suturing, casting and splinting, and placement of IUDs and Nexplanon. Here, each resident and attending has there own continuity clinics. Daily noon educational conferences for residents are also held here.

PGY1 has an average one continuity clinic per week.
PGY2 has an average of two continuity clinics per week.
PGY3 has an average of at least three continuity clinics per week.