The focus of the curriculum is to allow the graduate the potential to practice the full range of family medicine, including obstetrics should they so choose. This is accomplished through a variety of 4 week block rotations. Evaluation and feedback are given on a regular basis through a variety of means. The first year offers an emphasis on hospital care. The second year offers a mix of hospital based and ambulatory medicine. The third year is more focused on ambulatory training.

First year

Orientation (1 block)
Family Medicine Wards (2 block) 
Internal Medicine Wards (1 block) 
Pediatric Wards (1 block)
ICU (1 block)
Surgery (1 block)
OB (1 block)
Newborn Nursery (1 block)
Pediatric ER (1 block)
Adult ER (1 block)
Uro/Endo (1 block)
Community Medicine (1 block)

Second year

Family Medicine Wards (3 block)
Cardiology (1 block)
Community Medicine (1 block)
Sports Medicine ( 1 block)
Gynecology (1 block)
ICU (1 block)
OB (1 block)
Geriatrics (1 block)
Population Health (1 block)
Elective (1 block)
Rural Health (1 block)

Third year

Family Medicine Wards (2 blocks)
Intensive Clinic (2 block)
Sports Medicine (1 block)
Adult ER (1 block)
Intensive Electives (3 blocks)
Subspecialty Elective (4 blocks)

**2 elective rotations can be fulfilled outside of the USA Health System

PGY1 has an average one continuity clinic per week. 
PGY2 has an average of two continuity clinics per week.
PGY3 has an average of at least three continuity clinics per week.