Our Aims Statement

We strive to maintain education, research, and clinical programs that are of the highest standard as measured
by internal review and external accrediting entities such as the ACGME, LCME, and pertinent patient
care organizations.
We will graduate six (6) Family Medicine residents per year with competency in family medicine knowledge,
skills and understanding sucient to respond to the health needs of the public.
We will contribute to the medical school's objective to graduate competent medical students with the
knowledge, skills, and attitude specic to family medicine and an understanding and appreciation of the
concept of family medicine in meeting needs of the public.
Residents and students who train with us will, upon matriculation, possess knowledge, attitudes and skills to
understand and provide medical services to the populations and communities that they serve.
Through our scholarly activity, we will develop and disseminate new knowledge and answers to important
questions, which will contribute to better patient care and to the academic discipline of family medicine as
judged by peer review.
We will participate in the education of the practicing family physicians on a continuing basis by participating
in CME and other forms of postgraduate instruction.
In the process of providing health care for patients, we will model high quality patient-centered primary care
using a family medicine model.
We will use our resources wisely as shown by our ability to attract necessary funds and provide and administer
a budget, which enables us to meet our stated goals and objectives.
We will secure, develop, and maintain faculty and sta sucient to meet personal and developmental goals.
We will strive to convince medical students of the value, both intrinsically and to society, and the importance
of practicing personalized medical care that is characterized by the family medicine discipline. To this end,
we see as our goal to have 50% of each COM class pursue advanced training in one of the primary care
disciplines and at least 25% of each COM class to enter family medicine.
In our interaction with the broader university community, we will work towards inuencing the important
policies of the College of Medicine/University to reect the departmental mission and to enable us to
achieve the departmental goals and objectives.