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The is no such thing as an average patient in our clinic.

Our Family Medicine Clinic has a very diverse patient population representing all ages and backgrounds, all shapes and sizes, and they have all manner of health care issues.

We treat the whole family, the entire lifespan, from birth to old age. We maintain a good number of obstetric patients and we don't shy away from complex chronic illness.

We enjoy a myriad of ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds within our patient population. This broad spectrum allows our doctors to experience a wide range of cultural exposure.

It is not unusual to have 150 patients in the clinic on any given day with problems ranging from diabetes compounded with hypertension requiring a thorough examination of medications to a bike related knee lacertion that just needs five stitches, a bandaid, kind words and a treat.

Our emphasis on continuity of care means each patient will likely see the same doctor every visit and each doctor can look forward to following through on any prescribed treatments. Our doctors experience a deep satisfaction in seeing a job through. With thousands of recurring visits, our patients must be satisfied too.

Department of Family Medicine
University of South Alabama College of Medicine
1504 Springhill Ave, Room 3414
Mobile, AL 36604
Clinic (251) 434-3475 • Residency Office (251) 434-3484 • Fax (251) 434-3495


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