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University of South Alabama
Family Medicine Center

Academic Quest in the Continuing Generalist Tradition

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Table of Contents

The Center

  • Location
  • Parking and Access
  • Hours of Operation
  • Function
  • Staff


  • General Health Care
  • Geriatric Home Visits
  • Medication Review
  • Minor Procedures
  • Lab and X-ray
  • Sports Medicine

Clinic Operations

  • Phone Number
  • Making an Appointment
  • New Patients
  • Established Patients
  • Work-Ins
  • Cancellations
  • Triage Nurse
  • Referral Specialist
  • Payments
  • Hospitals

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The Center


The Family Practice Center is located in the USA-Springhill building facing Lafayette Street. (see map) The address is 1504 Springhill Avenue, Mobile, AL 36604. The phone number is 434 - 3475.

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Hours of Operation

The Family Practice Center is open during routine business hours every week:

Monday through Friday

8:00 AM until 5:00 PM

We are closed for university holidays, but we always have a doctor on call to handle emergencies.

Parking and Access

Handicapped parking is available near the entrance to the Center. Free parking is available across the street from the center at the corner of Lafayette Street and Springhill Avenue. The Center provides for wheelchair access. If you use a wheelchair, please bring it to the Center. Please park in the spaces outlined in white.


As a teaching facility affiliated with the University of South Alabama, the Family Practice Center is committed to providing complete family health care. Qualified residents work hand in hand with medical students and nurses under the supervision of experienced Family Practice faculty. The center offers a wide range of services from maternity and newborn care to geriatrics. For health and safety reasons, USA Family Practice Center is a smoke-free facility.


We have a variety of professional personnel available to assist you with your health care needs. Board certified Family Physicians render care and supervise care delivered by resident physicians, nurse practitioners, and medical students. Our full-time social worker coordinates obstetrical care, participates in geriatric case management and is a valued resource for many patient care needs. Our clinical pharmacist is also available for consultation and patient education. Additional services are available at our Center by appointment.

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General Health Care

As a Family Practice Center, we are prepared to offer primary health care to all people, male and female, young and old. We also provide obstetrical care. Our goal is to keep you as healthy as possible through preventive health care and patient education.

Geriatric Home Visits

We offer Geriatric Home Visits for senior patients who are established patients in our practice and are unable to transport themselves to our office. We have physicians, nurse practitioners, social workers, and pharmacists who evaluate you in your home, and determine what can be done to improve your life. This is coordinated through our social worker.

Medication Review

We have a clinical pharmacist who is available to discuss your medications and illnesses with you. Appointments are made to evaluate your drug therapy and monitor for any possible side effects.

Minor Procedures

Doctors and nurses in the center are trained to perform minor procedures. However, if you ever need a major procedure, the doctors may refer you to a variety of specialists in the USA Physician’s Network.

Lab and X-ray

For your convenience, we have a licensed and fully equipped laboratory and x-ray facility in our building.

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Clinic Operations

Phone Number

251 - 434 - 3475.

When you call this number, our staff will direct your call to the correct extension.

Making an Appointment

Please be on time so that you can complete the necessary paperwork without delaying your appointment. If you are late you may be asked to reschedule your appointment.

New Patients

When scheduling an appointment for the first time at the Family Practice Center, please bring the following information about the person to be seen:

  • First and last name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Reason for appointment
  • Insurance cards
  • Driver's license

Established Patients

When making an appointment for someone who is already a patient at the center, the receptionist will ask for the name of the patient, the reason for the appointment and the name of their doctor.


Our clinic works best on an appointment basis, but we realize that occasionally an immediate visit is necessary. If you need to be seen on short notice, you will be scheduled for a work-in appointment. This means that you will see the first available doctor on that day, and the waiting time will probably be longer than is normal.


If you find that you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment or need to change the time or date, please call our appointment desk to cancel or reschedule your appointment as soon as possible. This will allow another patient to be scheduled for that time. If you fail to show up for more than two appointments within a six month period without a valid reason, we may ask you to find another physician.

Triage Nurse

The triage nurse is a licensed professional nurse who assesses your symptoms and offers you an appointment or gives self-treatment advise from written physician approved protocols. This nurse also attends to drug refill requests.

Referral Specialist

Our office employs several referral specialists whose job it is to schedule complex procedures and visits to other doctors. They are also involved with making sure your wellness needs are being met If you have questions about either of these areas, feel free to call at 434-3475.


USA Family Practice currently accepts the following Insurance carriers: Alabama Medicaid, Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Prime Health, Preferred Health Network, Cigna, Champus, Tricare, Bay Health and most commercial insurance. If you have other insurance, please contact us prior to making an appointment. You are expected to pay co-pay and yearly deductible at the time of your visit. All new patients must provide proof of insurance. New patients without insurance are required to pay a deposit of $77.00 at the time of their first visit.


Our doctors try to manage all of your care as an outpatient either at the center or with home health care workers. We care for most of our hospitalized patients. Sometimes, however, patients need to be hospitalized. All adult patients are hospitalized at USA Medical Center. Pediatric and pregnant patients are hospitalized at USA Women's and Children's Hospital. If another physician hospitalizes you under their care, we ask that you notify us so that we may assist your other physician.

Department of Family Medicine
University of South Alabama College of Medicine
1504 Springhill Ave, Room 3414
Mobile, AL 36604
Clinic (251) 434-3475 • Residency Office (251) 434-3484 • Fax (251) 434-3495


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